Ajwain 100 gm (Pack of 2)

  • Quantity: 100gm x 2 (Pack of 2)
  • Ajwain seeds are derived from a herb plant that is originated in India, No artificial colors, fresh and pure
  • Carom seeds provide an instant remedy for stomach pain

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49 in stock

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Ajwain seeds are the seeds obtained from the Ajwain or Ajowan plant. These seeds are used as a spice in cooking. This plant is closely related to Cumin, Dill, and Caraway. The seeds are also known as Bishop’s Weed, Ajowan, Caraway, and Thymol Seeds. The Ajowan plant mainly grows in various regions of India. The umbels of the plant mature and produce the seeds. Ajwain is also highly regarded for its medicinal value.

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