Anantmool Root

  • Quantity 200gm
  • The diuretic properties of Anantmul root may help in cleansing the Urinary and may support the proper functions of the kidney.
  • May Resolves The Problem Of Constipation And Relieves One From Any Sort Of Body Pain.

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49 in stock

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Anantmool has a different name is Indiansarsaparilla /kapuri/sugandhipala /ananta /uparsal/nannari /sogade beru. Supports As Cooling Herb & Healthy Skin, Kidney Functions. Anantmool Powder may support healthy blood purification.Anantamool may use for Skin care. Very Useful For Treating, Gout, and Inflammatory Conditions. Used to cure “Tridosha” – Vat, Kapha, & Pitta,

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