Hebsur Herbals - The Legacy Of 134 Years


Hebsur Herbals turns 134! A business which is run on the basis of strong values, rich knowledge, committed to quality, respects our Mother nature and thereby has customer loyalty as a blessing, it indeed feels great that the rich knowledge is passed through generations which are now being experienced by generations of families in Hubli and around.

“HEBSUR ANGADI”, this is the name used by generations together in Hubli and it is still used by people till date when they have to visit “HEBSUR HERBALS” for all their herbal needs. As a kid, I remember tagging along with my great grandmother, grandmother, aunts and parents to visit their main shop which was situated in the Market area. Now here I am, a loyal customer of Hebsur Herbals visiting their supermarket styled Herbal store and making online purchases too.

My parents always narrate stories from their childhood when herbal products were the only choice for them for personal care and they only trusted  Hebsur Herbals. Those were the days when people had best hair and best skin, courtesy their choice of herbs, their lifestyle and the environment they lived in. Then came the era of usage of chemicals in our personal care range, there was a change in lifestyle, change in environment which shook our system basically and now we are back to square one looking for a healthy lifestyle amongst the chaos. Between all the shift that we saw in the years, there are many people and generations who are still stuck to their roots and have been using Hebsur Herbals products all these years in one form or the other.

One important thing about Hebsur Herbals is that they have changed with the changing generations and times to suit their needs but have still remained close to their roots and quality. Their product is described in detail, packaging is great which is needed so that herbs don’t lose their aroma and an important part of their products is that they always provide value for our money. This is the time when all are needs are being met online and Hebsur Herbals has been able meet that need too after giving its customers the supermarket feel too, to choose their products easily. They have also spread their wings to other cities.

By personal experience, one thing in which Hebsur Herbals has been an absolute blessing is in terms of the availability of herbs and products made easily available for postpartum care and newborn care too. We have been buying postpartum care related herbs and related products from Hebsur Herbals since generations. I was very sure that I will choose the traditional postpartum care rituals and I am glad I did. My family had to just visit the store and tell them their needs and we had all the necessities ready without much running about to do. Postpartum is a delicate period for the mother, it is a time to recover from the birth related changes that happen to a mother, at this time purity and hygiene is absolutely necessary in the products we use and there has been no compromise from this trusted brand since generations. They have herbal powders for external use, internal use, oils for the mother and baby, they also have products from other brands to choose from.

They have a range of hair oils and hair care products. Hebsur Herbals have come up with their own brand of herbal hair care products too. I have personally used their products and felt the difference. For natural hair dye, they have the best henna too which is chemical free and not harsh on our hair unlike other henna products available.

There is a sudden demand for products which already existed, like essential oils, herbal teas, seeds etc. which are being met by Hebsur Herbals. We can safely rely on them for our prescribed Ayurvedic medicines. They also have consultation option in case we need any help. The employees are very well trained and are very courteous and helpful. They provide details of any product we choose.

Hebsur Herbals is one such treasure where the respective herbal needs of everyone can be met right from an infant to people in their old age, meeting the needs of all generations in the present and past too.

If you are looking for a shift towards a healthy lifestyle, Hebsur Herbals is here to take care of your needs, if you are away from Hubli, then there are stores in other cities too and they have online services too to suit your needs. Hebsur Herbals indeed make nature’s gifts available to us in various forms to suit our needs.

May their commitment to help people to move towards a healthier lifestyle continue for generations and may people be benefited by the same and thereby respect our Mother nature and make this earth a better place to live for the future generations too.


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Minu M M


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