Find Out Why Mehandi Is Superior To All The Hair Dye's


Mehandi or Henna is actually a powder derived from crushing the leaves of the henna plant. The history of usage of Mehandi dates back to 9000 years ago. India is one of the major producers of Mehandi powder. Mehandi paste naturally and gently colours the hair and also strengthens the hair shaft. It has a healing effect on the scalp and helps in curing other issues related to scalp and hair.

We have read about the usage of henna existing thousands of years ago, but with change in time came many discoveries which involved chemicals in them. Chemical based hair dye was also one of them. The hair dyes gave desired look to our hair and were easy to use but there were side effects too. Hair colouring using chemical based hair dyes became very common later with their advertising and ease of use at home.

Men and Women colour their hair either to change the colour of their natural hair or most commonly to cover their silver or gray hair. Hair dyeing is one of the key services provided by Hair Salons and smaller beauty parlours too. In many cases the customers are unaware on how the hair dyes whether natural like henna or chemical based work on our hair and its effects. Some people believe that hair dyeing makes them look younger and gives that feel good factor especially on occasions and events.

To know the working of hair dyes, it is important to know the parts of our hair in simple terms, it consists of three layers:

  • Cuticle: the outermost layer which protects the inner structure of the hair.
  • Cortex: the middle layer which is responsible for our natural hair colour consists of keratin.
  • Medulla: the innermost layer of the hair shaft.

Different hair dyes have different effects on our natural hair colour. Depending on the type of hair dye whether temporary which acts as a paint basically and coats the hair which we can see or semi-permanent which doesn’t go deep into the roots, in both the cases their effects are generally not long lasting.

Henna or Mehandi contains natural colouring component. When it is used to colour the hair, the natural component known as lawsone enters through the cuticle and passes through the cortex and reaches the medulla, thereby strengthening the hair from within and colouring it at the same time.

Difference between natural Mehandi and Chemical based Hair Dye:

  • Mehandi coats the hair shaft and combines with keratin and strengthens the hair whereas the chemical based hair dyes coats the hair shaft and enters the inner part of the hair and deposits and disturbs the natural components of the hair.
  • Mehandi strengthens the hair and moisturizes the hair. Chemical based hair dyes tend to damage the cuticles and thereby take away the moisture from the hair making them look dry.
  • Mehandi protects our hair from within and strengthens the cuticle, chemical based hair dyes damage the cuticle thereby leading to hairfall.
  • Mehandi promotes good hair growth due to its natural components whereas chemical based hair dyes disturb the natural cycle of hair growth.
  • Mehandi improves the condition of the scalp by moisturizing it and protecting it from within, chemical based hair dyes make the scalp more dry and exposed to other hair related issues like itchiness, inflammation and so on.
  • Mehandi is also believed to protect our hair from harmful UV rays and pollution whereas chemical based hair dyes expose the hair to pollution and harmful rays.
  • Since the skin and hair are connected, hair issues can cause effects on our skin and give rise to chronic skin related problems with prolonged use of chemicals.

Chemical based hair colours might give good colour and look to our hair which is temporary, they are convenient to apply and less messy, but the damage is evident too as the chemicals penetrate into the hair shaft and damage the hair shaft from within leading to ageing of scalp and leading to hairfall. Mehandi on the other hand is a natural hair dye improves the condition of the hair and scalp with its medicinal properties and protects the scalp while naturally colouring the hair.

Having known about Mehandi and Chemical based hair dyes, choice is ours! Whether we wish to protect or hair for long-term or struggle with long-term hair related issues. People might feel that Mehandi is not easy to apply, the process is longer, it is messier to apply and so on. But good things don’t come easily in life, if it is easy, its effect is generally temporary. If we have made a healthier choice, it is also important to choose Mehandi powder from trusted brands that provide Mehandi in its natural form without any additives. Mehandi  naturally conditions the hair and as a result makes our hair stronger, thicker and shinier too. It helps to restore the natural pH balance of the hair and protects the scalp. Think and make a choice! Go natural.


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