Kadha Or Kashaya Will Boost Your Immune System


Herbal tea has been gaining a lot of popularity off lately, with trend in health and wellness products. Herbal teas have been around since centuries. Herbal Tea is beneficial to our health, it is a great way to detox and flush out all the toxins from our body.  Herbal Tea helps in digestion and weight loss too.  It is rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. It helps in calming our body and refreshes our mind and body.

In India, tea is the most important beverage in most of the households. People have tea many times during the day, it calms us, makes us feel relaxed in the company of other tea lovers.

Herbal Tea and Other Tea

Herbal Tea has a broad range which covers the leaves, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots and barks of different kinds of plants found all over the world. Other Teas are derived only from a particular plant. Herbal tea is a simple caffeine free alternative to our other beverages. Herbal teas keep us hydrated when compared to other teas. Tea initially was used as a medicine; hence herbal teas have medicinal benefits in comparison to other teas. Herbal tea can be had at any time of the day, we can begin our day with herbal tea, have in between our meal, after a heavy meal, can be had before going to bed too.

Herbal Tea and Immunity

Kaadha got very popular during the pandemic to strengthen our immune system. People always opt to prefer natural options. We all know the number of kaadha recipes that were shared during the pandemic. Herbal tea and its ingredients are also natural just like the homemade kaadha which towards building the core strength of the body. Let us consider Hebsur Herbal’s Vitalitea, it consists of unique herbs which are useful in detoxifying the body, purify our blood, reduce swelling, cleanse the bladder, fights gastric issues and improves our digestion. It also helps in reducing stress and protect the cells of our body, thereby building immunity. This herbal tea consists of: Ashwagandha is popular for improving energy levels, decreasing blood sugar levels and reducing stress and anxiety. Gokshura has diuretic properties, it acts as a vitaliser, builds strength and energy and also in toning of muscles. Licorice has anti-inflammatory properties and is a great soother for gastrointestinal problems, it also fights against the bacteria in our mouth and prevents tooth decay. Anantmool is one of the best detoxifying herbal extract. Vidanga has anti-bacterial properties and is used to treat fever and chest and skin diseases. Ginger is one of the most popular and widely used ingredients in many home remedies. It helps in fighting against all infections. Black pepper helps in controlling our blood sugar levels and cumin helps in improving digestion.

Many people depend on caffeine to relieve stress or because of its ‘outer value’. Caffeine should be consumed in limits. An office meeting with a cup of coffee might sound cooler than a cup of herbal tea, but why not bring a change and make meetings with herbal tea cooler? Why not set up Herbal tea stations at work? Herbal Teas can bring a positive change at our homes and at work which we can feel with time. While tea and coffee need sugar to sweeten them, herbal tea can be enjoyed as it is or add honey to it which will only increase its nutritional value.

Let us make some calming herbal tea for ourselves, our family and at our work and feel the change.


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