9 Powerful Benefits Of Ubtan To Get A Glowing Skin


Ubtan is a mix of herbs used in Ayurveda and it also consists of natural ingredients which are used in powdered form to make paste and apply generally as a face-pack, it is available as a scrub and as soap too. Ubtan has been used since centuries not just in India but all over the world. It has its mention in history too and in many civilisations too. Ubtan powder is well known in Indian households and is used in many other forms all over the world because of its natural healing properties. It is the most natural face pack used since generations before the salon culture took over. People still prefer natural products; hence Ubtan is popular in salons too as an option. Ubtan has been innovated into soap form too. In Indian households, Ubtan is a part of the marriage ceremonies where it is applied to the bride and bridegroom as a part of the customs and traditions for that bridal glow but it indeed has many healing properties too. Oh yes! Ubtan can be used regularly too apart from the ceremonies and you can see its natural magic work on your skin. In the history of Ayurveda, Ubtan has been used since many years. Ubtan is made from natural products and can be used for all skin types.

Ubtan powder has many benefits on our skin, when used on regular basis. It is believed that according to Ayurveda, Ubtan works on our skin depending on our doshas which are Vatta, Pitha and Kapha. Since Ubtan powder has natural ingredients, the side effects are low or almost nil, however if you have a sensitive skin, a patch test would be needed.



Since Ubtan powder is made using natural ingredients, when used as a face-pack on regular basis, it gives a fresh look to the skin and makes it glow, this is one of the main reasons it is used in marriages, ubtan’s benefits adds to the glow to happy bride’s and groom’s faces.


Ubtan consists of natural ingredients which help to fight against acne, blemishes, open pores and regular use of Ubtan makes the skin even toned. It consists of sandalwood powder which helps in closing the pores.


Acne is a common issue irrespective of gender, ubtan not only tones our skin or makes it glow but it has medicinal properties, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties due to ingredients such as turmeric and sandalwood powder which fight against acne issues from the root and helps in clearing acne marks too.


Ubtan has cooling properties which provides the skin much needed relief from heat. It helps to remove the dead skin thereby treating tanned skin.


Ubtan has ingredients which scrubs off the light facial hair from the skin which otherwise need painful salon treatments. Ubtans meant for babies are traditionally used during bathing the babies to remove the fine hair that babies are born with.


Ageing is indeed a natural process but the signs of ageing appear more early these days due to the changing environment. Ubtan powder helps in fighting against these signs such as fine lines and wrinkles due to its ingredients present in it such as turmeric and sandalwood.


Some beauty products are useful for certain season only, but Ubtan powder helps in dealing with all seasonal skin issues, be it dryness due to winter or hydrate the skin during the summer and give relief from the heat, rashes or summer tan.


Oily skin tends to breakout a lot and is acne prone, regular usage of Ubtan powder helps in balancing the natural oil of the skin and prevents breakouts.


Ubtan powder helps in exfoliating the dead skin and can be used to scrub off the stubborn blackheads too once the ubtan face-pack dries off.

Since Ubtan powder comes in powdered form, it is generally mixed using rose water, milk, curd etc which adds to the benefits. Using pure form of rose water matters too. Ubtan powder these days come with added natural ingredients other than the traditional ingredients like oats powder, orange peel powder etc, which are often beneficial to the skin, but we should check if these are suitable to our skin and if the products are completely natural.

Oh! The most important benefit of Ubtan powder is missed! Wondering which one? Ubtan powder helps you save a lot of money which you would otherwise spend on expensive treatments in salons which are mostly chemical based. You thereby save your skin by treating its problems naturally and save your money too.

Ubtan powder is thereby helpful in treating skin related issues and also regular usage helps in these skin related issues not rising at all. Ubtan powder needs to be completely natural so that it has zero side effects on our skin. Hence, buying it from a trusted brand is very important.

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