Discover The Powerful Uses Of Kalonji Oil For Your Skin And Hair


KALONJI or Nigella seed is an interesting and a very popular spice. Tiny in size, but is packed with a whole lot of benefits. It is well known that remedies to deal with various health issues are always hidden in our simple kitchen ingredients. Kalonji seeds are indeed one of those simple kitchen ingredients.  Kalonji is a widely used ingredient that has a history of usage since thousands of years. The aromatic and unique looking seed is used in cooking and adding flavour to various recipes, it has various medicinal uses too especially in the field of Ayurveda. It is also used in the form of oil which is extracted from the seeds.

Kalonji Oil can be applied topically on our skin and hair and it boasts of a number of properties, it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is packed with anti-oxidants that help to deal with issues relating to our skin and hair.



  • Kalonji Oil has anti-bacterial properties which help in preventing acne and regular use stops re-occurrence of acne.
  • Kalonji Oil helps in soothing the skin from irritation caused by psoriasis and eczema and hydrates the skin and thereby moisturises it.
  • Kalonji Oil is also helpful for regular skin health to maintain natural skin glow due to the bio-active compounds present in the seeds. It is also said to delay appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Kalonji Oil helps in treating inflammation and swelling of the skin caused due to various skin related problems.
  • Kalonji Oil helps in caring and treating cracked heals.



  • Kalonji Oil helps in dealing with hairfall, helps in regrowth of hair and reverses the damage caused to hair follicles by nourishing it. It thickens the hair and increases the volume of the hair.
  • Kalonji Oil helps in treating dandruff and itching caused due to it. It soothes the scalp which gets irritated due to dandruff, scaling and itching.
  • Regular use of Kalonji Oil helps in conditioning the hair naturally, maintains the natural shine, thereby we can avoid the use of chemical based conditioners.
  • Kalonji Oil protects the hair follicles; regular use helps in delaying premature graying in many cases.
  • Kalonji Oil nourishes the hair follicles and restores its lost nutrients. It especially helps in treating over styled hair which have lost its natural properties.
  • Kalonji Oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which soothe the scalp from irritation caused by psoriasis and eczema.
  • Kalonji Oil also helps in treating head lice and soothes the scalp.


Apart from above benefits, Kalonji Oil is also known to calm our mind especially when we have a headache or we are stressed, it is a good painkiller for minor muscle and joint pains, Kalonji Oil is also known to have a number of health benefits when mixed in right quantities with other natural oils which have their own benefits too. Kalonji Oil is also known to help in dealing with dental  issues. Some people consume Kalonji Oil too (which needs to be taken in proper quantity to avoid adverse effects, hence proper medical advice is needed), it is always advisable to do a patch test for all kinds of oils as some people are allergic to certain oils even if it is natural. There are many oils available in the market, we have to always go for trusted brands of oil which source the best oils in its natural form which is natural and unadulterated and is harvested and extracted with cold-press method which helps in preserving its natural properties.

Natural oils such as Kalonji Oil and other seed based oils have been used in skin care and hair care since many years. The information has been passed through generations because of their healing properties. People tend to overlook natural oils because of chemical based cosmetics and other un-natural beauty oils which are advertised extensively. It is indeed good news that natural products are making a comeback with majority of people preferring a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle.


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