15 Benefits Why Your Hair And Skin Love Virgin Coconut Oil


Coconut tree has always been very useful to mankind, no doubt it is known as ‘Kalpavriksha’.  It is one of the most useful trees and is often known as “tree of life”. One of its best gifts is its fruit from which coconut oil is extracted. The history of coconut oil is as old as 4000 years. The good old Coconut oil has suddenly become more popular with people switching over to a healthy lifestyle, free from chemical based products, people have been preferring to use more and more natural products in their everyday lives and reducing or almost saying no to chemical based products.

Coconut oil has been used regularly since generations on our skin and hair and some of them use edible coconut oil in cooking too. Off lately, ‘Virgin Coconut Oil’ has gained attention, but we rarely check before buying on the type of coconut oil and its ingredients and just go for our usual coconut oil. Many coconut oils in the market are perfumed or mixed with other oils which might not have the same effect as pure coconut oil.


Virgin Coconut Oil preserves the main quality of coconut milk and does not get harmed by the heating processes that regular coconut oil undergoes as Virgin Coconut Oil is made using cold processed technology which eliminates the heating process and keeps the qualities and goodness of coconut milk intact.


Virgin Coconut Oil and regular coconut oil almost sound the same but are definitely not the same. Many of us do not know the difference between them as both look like regular coconut oil when placed in a bottle.

Virgin Coconut Oil and regular coconut oil differ from each other in many ways.

Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk using cold press technology which maintains the natural goodness of the oil and has natural aroma too. Regular coconut oil is extracted form dried coconut kernel. The kernel is pressed, oil is refined, processed further and at times has added aroma too which is indeed not natural.  Both the oils might look similar but Virgin Coconut Oil is non-greasy and lighter in comparison.



  • Virgin Coconut Oil helps in increasing the volume of the hair by nourishing it from within and strengthening the hair, thereby resulting in less hair breakage and leading to healthy and happy hair.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil protects the hair strands which undergo major changes due to pollution, styling, sunrays etc. Thereby protecting it from breakage and split ends and reducing hairfall.
  • A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair, we need Virgin Coconut Oil to nourish our scalp area.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil reduces dandruff and prevents from re-occurring. A dry scalp leads to dandruff. A nourished scalp reduces the production of dandruff and completely stops it from re-occurring.
  • Soothing and calming effect on the scalp. The scalp often goes through irritation and gets itchy especially with change in seasons. Virgin Coconut Oil to an extent soothes irritated scalp and reduces itchiness. It also helps in calming scalp related irritations caused by psoriasis and eczema.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is completely safe to be used for infants. Newborns are often given soft head massages using coconut oil, since their scalp is so delicate and their head region is soft, fragile, Virgin Coconut Oil is the best option for them as it is completely natural and safe.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is suitable for all hair textures as it adds volume, moisture as per the texture of the hair and reduces frizz. It helps in hair growth.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is said to decrease early graying of hair if used from a younger age.
  • Some people also use Virgin Coconut Oil to


  • Virgin Coconut Oil acts as a natural moisturiser and protects the moisture of the skin with its natural ingredients. It gives the skin a natural glow.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is said to delay wrinkles and other early ageing signs if used from a younger age. It helps in dealing with other age related skin issues like dry skin, sagging, flaking.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil can be used to regularly massage our skin; it soothes and relaxes the skin.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil has anti-bacterial properties which to an extent might help in dealing with the itchiness and irritation caused by psoriasis and eczema.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is a great replacement for chemical based skincare products especially if you are looking to move to a healthy and natural lifestyle.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is the best and safe option for massaging infants and babies as it is completely natural and nourishing for their growing body.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil is known to heal small wounds and scars by repairing the skin. It is useful in soothing cracked heals and rashes.
  • Some people use Virgin Coconut Oil as a natural make-up remover.

 After knowing the difference between Regular Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil, its numerous benefits on our hair and skin, it is time to make a shift towards this  completely natural and chemical free  product and enjoy the goodness of nature by opting for a trusted brand of Virgin Coconut Oil. Feel the difference and glow by going natural!


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