Effective Ways To Use Hibiscus For Hair


Hibiscus flowers have been holding good since a very long time now for its diverse uses in decor, health and beauty.Did you know that the hibiscus powder has been every effective in its use for a haircare regimen too? In herbalism, hibiscus plant is known to be one of the most eminent herbs in fostering hair growth . This powder is made from the flowers of the respective plant making it efficient and easy for use. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is also a well liked and a popular most variety found in our gardens. Due to thier hot pink-red and bright blossoms, hibiscus flower signifies love and affection. The flower is also called as a china rose due to it’s origin in the china. The plant hibiscus plays several parts in various fields, may it be used in healthcare as a remedy or as a decorative in ornaments. Some herbal teas also use the hibiscus as an ingredient for beverages as well. If you ever try out such beverages and you might next notice reddish color appearance then definitely hibiscus might have been the part of the brew. Hibiscus powder diversely known as jaswandi is obtained from crushing the petals of hibiscus plant, Hibiscus sabdariffa. This obtained powder has shown to be an excellent ingredient for your hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Hibiscus being rich in flavonoids, amino acids, and vitamin C helps in promoting growth of hair strands and hair follicles. It has abundance of moisture content and antioxidants that are proven to be significantly beneficial towards good hair care routine. Hibiscus are enriched with Mucilage fibers that is a soluble viscous fiber which gives good hair volume and also grants you with a natural and a soften curls for your hair. In today men and women both are facing lot of issues regarding their hair due to various hair conditions. Going through multiple hair solutions often many a times it can be a confusing difficult and time consuming process. We have got you a kinder and simpler solution process through which you can tackle most of your everyday hair problems. Yes, we are talking of hibiscus powder for your hair. . In this content, we will explain you some of the benefits of Hibiscus powder for your hair.

It Enhances hair growth and prevents baldness

A lot of people at present see hair loss as a male problem, but truly it also affects one third of the women. But at odds, women typically experience hair loss and thinning without going bald, and so there can be a number of contrasting underlying causes for the problem. Moreover as now known about the hibiscus powder, it reinforces and accelerates growth for your hair roots. Hibiscus flowers are supplemented with revitalizing ingredients such as amino acids and flavonoids. These substitutes present in hibiscus powder help in enhancing blood circulation to the hair follicles reconstruct quiescent follicles into active hair follicles. Thus ensuring good hair nourishment and growth. Also, hibiscus powder triggers keratin formation and promises hair growth.

Usage – Prepare a Hibiscus oil by taking about two spoons of hibiscus powder. Now heat a cup of coconut oil and add the powder into it. Stir and heat the mixture well. Keep it aside to cool down for some time.

Your Hibiscus oil is ready to use. Massage the scalp every day for 8-10 minutes and leave it for 20 minutes before taking a hair wash.

Its efficacy in treating for Alopecia/baldness

Hibiscus is a natural way for treating Alopecia Or baldness. According to some reports one of the cause for this condition is that the hair roots are prone to damage because they can be blemished due to extreme heat that’s produced in the body which can lead to tremendous hair loss. The best solution for such a condition is using hibiscus powder.

Usage – Take 2-3 spoons of hibiscus powder and make a consistent paste of the respective. Now apply this on the affected areas and leave it for 2hours before going for a hair wash. Repeat this simple step process twice a week and see if it works for you.

It Has a Conditioning properties for hair

Shriveled dry and damaged hair can ruin even the greatest hair look, though many people tend to skip the conditioning part in their haircare routine. Using hibiscus powder helps in overcoming such problems. A minimal amount of people believe that conditioner might render hair loss and reflect back by reducing their hair volume, while others think they aren’t in need of conditioning the hair as the hair is already too short thin, Or oily and doesn’t need to be taken care of. To be honest hibiscus powder has the property of conditioning and it promotes healthy, moisturized, and shiny hair. The hibiscus powder has a characteristic of naturally Smoothening the hair cuticle and hydrates the scalp. Ignoring the mains of conditioning property of hibiscus flower can make your hair more prone to breakage, which can lead to the evident thinning of your hair. The breakage and damage increases when you use hot styling tools on your hair which hasn’t been conditioned.

Usage – Prepare a natural conditioner for your hair by using 2-3 spoons of hibiscus powder and add aloevera gel to it. Blend the above mixture nicely. Now apply it on your hair and leave it for about 30minitues before a hair wash. Doing this on regular basis makes your hair shinner, stronger, smoother and soft in touch. Thus hibiscus powder acts as an natural hair conditioning element.

Acts as Anti dandruff agent and treats dry itchy scalp

Dandruff and itchy scalp is one such hair condition in which most of us suffer endlessly. And here is the Hibiscus that acts as a life savior trust me with it life now becomes simpler and easy. Hibiscus powder being an astringent decreases the oil secretion by the glands and also using the hibiscus powder maintains the pH balance of your hair. The amino acids present in hibiscus powder is a source of keratin ensuring good nourishment and care for the hair. Thus acting as a good cleanser and giving us a relief from dandruff and itchy scap.

Usage – Prepare an hair mask by adding 4spoons of hibiscus powder to the mixture of heena powder. Squeeze half a lemon into it and start applying it generously over your scalp for an hour before washing it with mild cleanser. This hair pack balances the oiliness, itchy dry scalp and maintains the pH of your scalp.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of hibiscus powder, it has also been very effective in treating premature death of hair or greying of the hair as well.

We at Hebsur Herbals personally care for your hair and so we intend to believe in a good haircare product that will help you out and lessen all your problems. Going for this hibiscus powder is of no harm to you but shall pay you with only good outcomes. Trusting this hibiscus powder for stronger nourished shinner and trouble free hair is a now a good choice over other chemically synthesized products. Without giving it a second thought let the goodness of hibiscus powder beautify your hair because ” A happy buy makes a happy day.”

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