How Herbal Way Of Life Can Make You Young And Healthy!

herbal lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle not only changes our body, it changes our mind, our attitude and our mood.

It improves the quality of our life. Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle these days, we tend to concentrate on only one part of the lifestyle. We miss on the major part of living a healthy lifestyle, which is by being consistent in the choices we make. We shift from one product to other, one diet to other and expect immediate results. Some believe lifestyle is all about investing in expensive products. To understand a healthy lifestyle better, we should know about all the factors that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Beginning from what goes into our body which is our food, our exercise regime, how we manage our stress levels, what we apply to our skin, what surrounds us, our sleep patterns, our thoughts and so on.

The use of herbal products in our lifestyle helps in absorbing the goodness of nature. India as a country has a rich history of Ayurveda, use of herbs and herbal products. This is well known in history of our civilisation too, in our mythologies, in the culture and tradition we follow too. We all know about Sanjeevani, the magical herb which has been mentioned in Ramayana. When we watch these mythologies today, we can also observe that herbs were used to treat all diseases and wounds. We have been listening to stories from our grandmothers on usage of herbs from their gardens as home remedies. Their lifestyle had herbal products by default. Then came a stage of invention when many products came into the market which were man-made, people opted for these as the effects were immediate, they were being advertised everywhere to attract people, people experienced  the side effects only later and the actual effects did not last for long. Since herbal products are made from what nature provides us, it has a prolonged effect on our lifestyle and are safe. Turmeric is a classic example of being a popular natural product used in our food and in herbal products too. Who knew our simple Turmeric or Haldi would be famous worldwide in the form of ‘Turmeric Latte’! We find increasing demand for herbal products in this generation too. At the same time it is important to buy herbal products from registered sellers only. In the pandemic situation we have been facing, immunity has become an important topic of discussion ever than before and many herbs and herbal products have come into picture which help us in building a good immune system. Who knew about Moringa before? It is so popular today, but our ancestors always used it.

Stress is another major issue seen in this generation and it is not limited only to the working population, all generations face some form of stress and it is not surprising that kids undergo stress too. Stress has negative effective on our lifestyle, some herbs and herbal products are helpful in stress management, offcourse it is not herbs alone that will help us in dealing with stress, when use of herbs is combined with other factors, it helps us in building a healthy lifestyle, we can see new natural herbal teas that have come into picture which help us in managing stress and have a calming effect, all of which are derived from natural herbs.

Herbal products are suitable for all ages, from an infant to an elderly. There are herbs which are useful for different stages of our lives. For example, for a baby there are many artificial products available and herbal range as well, for the delicate life that is come to this world, we would choose herbal and natural products any day. There are herbs which help a new mother in post partum recovery and heal her body from within. Herbal products help us meet our needs to take care of our health, nutrition and skin. Herbal products include essential raw herbs, medicines, natural oils, organic food products, natural spices and dry fruits too, all of which help us in building a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

A change in lifestyle begins with a vision and a single step as mentioned by Jeff Calloway. Opting for a lifestyle which has nature’s goodness in it, which is by choosing to use herbal products in our everyday lives is indeed that step we should all be taking with a vision to lead a healthy and happy life.

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